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David B. Strilcov, Owner
Phone: (586) 747-7477  Email: david@fwstarrett.com

Derek Sale, Director Sales & Marketing
Phone: (313) 600-3153  Email: derek@fwstarrett.com

David B. Strilcov, Owner   Phone: (586) 747-7477   Email: david@fwstarrett.com

Derek Sale, Director Sales & Marketing   Phone: (313) 600-3153  Email: derek@fwstarrett.com

Some History about F.W. Starrett Company

The F.W. Starrett Company, INC. Is a Manufacturers Representative specializing in Boilers, Burners, Pumps, Water Heaters, Tanks and other specialty equipment found in Power Houses, Boiler Rooms and Mechanical Room Settings.

Since its founding in the 1890′s, the F.W. Starrett Company, Inc. has specialized in Technical Sales and support of all of the products we offer. From Conception thru Commissioning; one of our Applications Engineers will be there to ensure proper selection, timely delivery, correct installation and exact commissioning.

Whether your concerns are Energy Improvements, System Issues, or aged/outdated equipment, the F.W. Starrett Team should be your first point of contact. Whether you have Combustion Concerns, Heat Transfer Needs, Control Issues or simply an old outdated system, we have been supporting Contractors and Service Technicians in their efforts to resolve these issues for all of the 100+ Years we have been in Business.

Check out our website to see if we offer a product or service that fits in with your needs. If you have an outdated piece of equipment from a manufacturer that is out of business, we will work with you to find solutions that are cost effective and expedient.

Contact us with any questions you may have.
We look forward toward the next 150 years of solving our customer's problems.

Experience the Starrett Leadership Team.

We are quite proud of our Leadership Team here at the F.W. Starrett Company.
From the Chairman of the Board to our Office Manager we have nothing but experience.

Mr. Bernard G. Strilcov; Founder
Mr. Strilcov started out as a staff engineer for Pacific Boiler 1n 1949. He joined the F.W. Starrett Company in 1952 and became the full owner in 1970. Even though Dad is not with us anymore, his spirit and wisdom are involved in every major decision.

Mr. David B. Strilcov; Owner
David started part time with the company as a teenager. In 1983 David began working for the company full time as a parts clerk and office manager. He has worked in the field for several years working with various contractors and service organizations providing products and support. He is a “Working Boss” whether it be in the office or in the field.

Mr. Derek Sale; Director of Sales and Marketing
Derek joined the company recently as a second career. His background is in environmental science and engineering education. He brings a fresh perspective to the company in terms of marketing and sales. He is customer driven and always willing to help a customer solve a problem.

Mrs. Colette Stevens; Comptroller/ Office Manager
Colette has over 30 years experience running the front end of a manufacturer's representative's’ office. Collette’s experience includes accounts payable, parts orders and equipment status. Colette is a valued resource as a first point of contact at F.W. Starrett


The F.W. Starrett Company, Inc. is very proud to be affiliated with some of the finest support organizations in existence. Each of these organizations allows us to have additional resources to find the right solution to any problem that our customers present us with.

We also have been trained and certified to assist in installation, programming and troubleshooting of equipment from the following Manufacturers: